Children Garden Table with Benches


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Dimensions – 120х50х70 cms
Made of High-Quality Pine

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Children table with benches is ideal for outdoor use, for kindergartens, child-educational institutions. Such a table will become not only a favourite resting place for children but also a decoration of the playground.

The table is combined with two comfortable, wide benches. In the middle of the table, there is a hole where you can put a parasol and equip a canopy from the sun.

Product Dimensions

120х50х70 cms

Used Materials

Made of High-Quality Pine
Coated with an antiseptic and painted with innovative rubber paint.
Rubber Paint Features: Environmental friendliness, as only water used as a solvent. Does not affect the environment and human, odourless.
Anti-slip properties. When drying, the paint resembles a rubber surface – matte, slightly rough. This increases adhesion to the surface of the complex and additionally protects children from slipping.
Resistance to temperature differences from "-50" to "+60" C, without changing the appearance and physical properties.
The product under the paint absorbs and evaporates moisture, the wood under such paint does not rot and does not deteriorate.
The durability of use.

Shipping Dimensions

1 Carton – 144x55x12 cms
Gross Weight 50 KGS

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