Wall Bars with the Hinged horizontal bar


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Wall Bars with a reinforced Hinged horizontal bar can be used both at home and in a gym, fitness club, and rehabilitation centers. Wall Bars are the most popular and functional sports equipment.
Wall Bars are essential for sports therapy, exercise for scoliosis.

The hinged horizontal bar can be installed on any of the bars, which is very convenient for children, sports therapy, exercises for the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system.

For additional control over the exercise, doctors recommend equipping Wall Bars with a mirror that helps the child to independently control their movements and perform the exercises correctly.

You can install additional elements on it: ABS/Back Bench, Ropes set – Gymnastic Rings, Climbing Rope.

Perfect the whole family for a long time

Do you want to activate yourself and your family to move? With wall bars, exercising at home is easy and effortlessly, when the stylish wall bars can be at the most central place at your home. For kids, the wall bars offer a great place to climb and play while developing coordination and muscle strength.  For adults, the wall bars offer an opportunity for a healthier and more sporty lifestyle in the middle of a busy everyday life as versatile and stylish sports equipment is available immediately at your home.

Useful information

  • Suitable for All Ages
  • Max Weight limit on Wall Bars and Horizontal bar – 120kg
  • Dimensions: Height 225 cm x Width 80 cm
  • Distance between crossbars – 180 mm
  • Crossbars diameter 38 mm
  • Used Materials: Main structure – Pinewood, Crossbars – Beechwood
  • Mounting: Through the upper and lower support list to concrete wall or light panel wall beams. There are screws and anchors included in the packages, but you will need your own tools
  • Excellent for kids – combines play and fitness
  • Multifunctional home training and a stylish decoration element.
  • Adult supervision required

Package includes:

  • Wall Bars Gymnastics with the Hinged Horizontal bar
  • Screws and Anchors for assembling and mounting of the product

You can also purchase:

  • ABS/Back Bench (can be hung on any rung)
  • Gymnastic Mat

Training tips

  • Stretching and mobility for back, legs, and arms
  • Hanging abdominal exercises and sit-ups
  • Push-ups and assisted push-ups
  • Supported one leg squats
  • Calf raises
  • For advanced: muscle-ups, human flags
  • By attaching resistance bands: various pulling and pushing moves for hands and legs, rehabilitation, assisted pull-ups…
  • Gymnastic Rings: bodyweight rowing and chest moves, dips, various strength and balance exercises for legs.
Weight28 kg
Product Dimensions

Height 225 cm x Width 80cm

Maximum Weight Limit

Wall bars and Horizontal bar – 120kg

Package Includes

Wall bars with the Horizontal bar

Used Materials

Sidewalls – Pine Solid Wood
Crossbars, horizontal bars – Beech Wood
Coated with water-soluble varnishes, which are odourless; environmentally friendly water-soluble acrylic latex composition with stabilizing additives
resistant to moisture, water and household chemicals; maintains a coating of organic varnishes; UV resistant film; protects the wood from biological damage. Uniformly resistant to mechanical abrasion.

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